Rosenberger Splice Panel






Technical Information :

  • 106645-1A; 2HU 48-port SC-duplex MM Fixed-type Splice Panel Set (w/ front plate & adapter)


  • A maximum of 2 and 12 sets of the TaurusTM Ι module can be installed on each 1HU and 5HU modular patch panel respectively
  • 12F and 24F are available for TaurusTM Ι MTP-LC module and LC adapter front plate; provide flexible pre-terminated cable solution configuration
  • Maximum capacity up to 48 fibers and 288 fibers when installing the TaurusTM Ι MTP-LC module and LC front plate on a 1HU and 5HU fiber modular panel respectively
  • 72F TaurusTM Ι MTP adapter front plate could support 40G and 100G application. The capacity could reach 144 fibers for 1HU patch panel
  • Panel front plate is made of a special plastic material designed for ultimate fiber cable protection and convenient system maintenance
  • TaurusTM Ι fiber module accepts multi-mode 50/125um OM2, 10G OM3, OM4 or a low water- peak single-mode 9/125um fiber cable harness
  • Modular structure on MDA patch panel is innovated and designed with a pull-out feature for quick and safe PRECONNECT® trunk fiber cable installation and maintenance
  • The back hinged protection plate of the MDA fiber patch panel can be quickly opened manually for installing the PRECONNECT® trunk cables


1HU, 5HU TaurusTM Ι modular fiber patch panels are used in MDA, IDA or HDA for fiber cable distribution and management.

Technical Parameters

  • The outer shape of the MDA patch panel complies with ETSI 1HU and 5HU standards
  • Black powder coating for MDA patch panel meets RoHS requirements
  • Salt mist cyclic test (24H)
  • Attenuation (Typical): single-mode MTP-LC module 0.5dB, multimode MTP-LC module 0.4dB
  • Storage temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C
  • Operation temperature: -20°C ~ +60°C