ALCATEL PABX Omni PCX Office OXO Lite 48. Rp. 22.800.000/set

 Kapasitas 8 CO and 12 extension :
– 8 Port CO Trunk
– 4 Port digital Extension
– 8 Port Analog extension
– Voice Mail
– Mounting rack kit 19″


 Phone set Series

– Alcatel-Lucent 4039 Digital Phone (for operator)

– Alcatel-lucent 4029 Digital Phone

– Alcatel-lucent 4019 Digital Phone

– Alcatel-lucent 4008 IP phone set

– Alcatel-lucent 4018 IP phone set

– Alcatel-lucent 4028 IP phone set

– Alcatel-lucent 4038 IP phone set

– Alcatel-lucent 4068 IP phone set

Digital / IP Phone Accessories

– Additional module with 40 keys

– AC/DC Adaptor for IP Phone

Analog Phone

– Temporis 25 ex Blk non display phone

– Temporis 55 ex Blk non display phone

– 29254 BGW Trimline Basic Charcoal Beige

– 29254 CBG Trimline Basic Beige-White


ALCATEL Benefits

1. IP Ready

All Alcatel PABX is IP Ready. IP Extensions into the PABX (Software / License Based).

2. Modular Architecture

Alcatel PABX support from 1 extension to 100.000 extensions without have to worry about hardware replacement.

3. Open System

We can customize the program in Alcatel especially the IP telephone set by using XML Application.

4. Easy Management

Because Alcatel is IP, we can configure the PABX via remote network by connecting to the PABX via LAN / WAN

5. Multisite System

If your company has other branch office in other area, we can join them together into single PABX managements

6. Redundant System

We can deploy 2 PABX Server with Active / Standby mode within 1 location or different location to reach 99.999%

7. Pioneer Technology

In Gardner Magic Quadrant Alcatel always in the right top hand side of the graph

Features List

1. Automated Attendant

2.Voice Mail

3. Call By Name

4. Speed Dial

5. Text Messaging

6. Voice Guides

7.Automatic Routing Selection (ARS)

8. Audio / Video Conference

9. Manager Secretary

10.Personal Assistant




14.Remote Extensions