SFP module multimode & Singlemode

GLC-GE-100FXCISCO 100BASE-FX SFP for GE SFP port on 3750,3560.2970,2960CALL
GLC-LH-SMDCISCO GE SFP,LC connector LX/LH transceiver SinglemodeUSD. 410
GLC-SX-MMDCISCO GE SFP, LC connector SX transceiver MultimodeUSD. 210
J4859CHP X121 1G SFP LC LX Transceiver SinglemodeUSD. 410
J4860CHP X121 1G SFP LC LH Transceiver MultimodeUSD. 320
SM311LMTPLINK 550M Mini GBIC Module, Multi-Mode,LC interfaceUSD. 34
SM311LSTPLINK 10KM Mini GBIC Module, Single-Mode,LC interfaceUSD. 38
SM201CMTPLINK 20KM Mini GBIC Module, Single-Mode,LC interface 100base FXUSD. 30
MGBSX1LINKSYS Gigabit Ethernet SX Mini-GBIC SFP TransceiverUSD. 155
MGBLH1LINKSYS Gigabit Ethernet LH Mini-GBIC SFP TransceiverUSD. 110
FL-SFP1000SM-120FLEXTREME MODULE 1000 LX SINGLE MODE, 1550 NM, 120 KM (compatible with all switches)CALL
FL-SFP1000SM-80FLEXTREME SFP Module 1000 LX Single Mode, 1550 nm, 80 Km. (compatible with all switches)CALL
FL-SFP1000SM-40FLEXTREME SFP Module 1000 LX Single Mode, 1550 nm, 40 Km. (compatible with all switches)CALL
FL-SFP1000UTPFLEXTREME SFP MODULE 10/100/1000 MBPS UTP (compatible with all switches)CALL
L-SFP1000SMFLEXTREME SFP MODULE 1000 LX SINGLE MODE 20km (compatible with all switches)USD. 65
FL-SFP1000MMFLEXTREME SFP MODULE 1000 SX MULTI MODE (compatible with all switches)USD. 45
GLC-T (OEM)1000BASE-T SFP (CAT5, 100m)Rp. 1.800.000,-
GLC-SX-MM (OEM)1000BASE-SX SFP (Multimode, 850nm, 550m)Rp. 1.140.000,-
GLC-LH-SM (OEM)1000BASE-LX/LH SFP (Singlemode, 1310nm, 10km)Rp. 1.320.000.-
SFP-10G-SR (OEM)10GBASE-SR SFP+ Module, 26m over MMF or 300m over OM3 MMFRp. 3.600.000,-
SFP-10G-LR (OEM)10GBASE-LR SFP+ Module, 10km over SMFRp. 7.200.000,-
J4858C (OEM)HP X121 1000Base-SX SFP, multimode, 850nm, 550mRp. 1.260.000,-
JD118B (OEM)HP X120 1000Base-SX SFP, multimode, 850nm, 550m(Ex. 3-Com)Rp. 1.260.000,-
AT-SPLX10Allied Telesis SFP Module AT-SPLX10Rp 2.836.405,-
AT-SPSXAllied Telesis SFP Module AT-SPSXRp 1.497.210,-
NVL-SFP-MM-1GV1Netviel SFP Module NVL-SFP-MM-1G-V1Rp 816.000,-
NVL-SFP1GWDM20V1Netviel SFP Module NVL-SFP-1G-WDM-20V1Rp 4.472.000,-
NVL-SFP10GWDM20V1Netviel SFP Module NVL-SFP-10G-WDM-20V1Rp 23.144.000,-
NVL-SFP-1G-TX-V1Netviel SFP Module NVL-SFP-1G-TX-V1Rp 1.344.000,-
NVL-SFP-MM-1G-V2Netviel SFP Module NVL-SFP-MM-1G-V2Rp 958.000,-
NVL-SFP-SM-1G-20V1Netviel SFP Module NVL-SFP-SM-1G-20V1Rp 944.000,-
NVL-SFP-SM-1G-20V2Netviel SFP Module NVL-SFP-SM-1G-20V2Rp 1.086.000,-
NVL-SFP-SM-1G-80V1Netviel SFP Module NVL-SFP-SM-1G-80V1Rp 2.716.000,-
NVL-SFP-SM-1G-40V1Netviel SFP Module NVL-SFP-SM-1G-40V1Rp 2.400.000,-
NVL-SFP-SM-1G-120V1Netviel SFP Module NVL-SFP-SM-1G-120V1Rp 3.286.000,-
NVL-SFP-MM-10G-V1Netviel SFP Module NVL-SFP-MM-10G-V1Rp 2.600.000,-
NVL-SFP-SM-10G-V1Netviel SFP Module NVL-SFP-SM-10G-V1Rp 5.430.000,-