5E Tower Models
5E650IUSBEaton 5E 650i USB Capacity 650VA/360WRp. 810.000
5E850IUSBEaton 5E850i USB Capacity 850VA/480WRp. 1.420.800
5E110IUSBEaton 5E 1100i USB Capacity 1100VA/660WRp. 2.030.000
5E1500IUSBEaton 5E 1500i USB Capacity 1500VA/900WRp. 2.695.000
5E2000IUSBEaton 5E 2000i USB Capacity 2000VA/1200WRp. 3.465.000
5L Tower Models
5L650UNIEaton 5L 650VA USB UNI Capacity 650VA/360WRp. 585.000
5L850UNIEaton 5L 850VA USB UNI Capacity 850VA/480WRp. 875.000
5L1200UNIEaton 5L 1200VA USB UNI Capacity 1200VA/600WRp. 1.435.000
Ellipse Pro Tower Models
ELP650IECEaton Ellipse PRO 650 IEC Capacity 650VA/400WRp. 2.283.000
ELP850IECEaton Ellipse PRO 850 IEC Capacity 850VA/510WRp. 2.720.500
ELP1200IECEaton Ellipse PRO 12000 IEC Capacity 1200VA/750WRp. 3.850.000
ELP1600IECEaton Ellipse PRO 16000 IEC Capacity 1600VA/1000WRp. 4.930.000
5PX Rack Tower Convertible Models
5PX1500IRTEaton 5PX 1500i RT2U Capacity 1500VA/1350WRp. 9.920.000
5PX2200IRTEaton 5PX 2200i RT2U Capacity 2200VA/1980WRp. 13.098.000
5PX3000IRT2UEaton 5PX 3000i RT2U Capacity 3000VA/2700WRp. 16.821.000
5PX External Battery Module Options
5PXEBM48RTEaton 5PX EBM 48V RT2URp. 6.310.000
5PXEBM72RT2UEaton 5PX EBM 72V RT2URp. 8.138.000
5P Tower RackMount, No External Battery Option
5P650IEaton 5P 650i Capacity 650VA/420WRp. 4.052.000
5P650IREaton 5P 650iR Capacity 650VA/420W Rack 1URp. 4.482.000
5P850IEaton 5P 850i Capacity 800VA/600WRp. 4.938.000
5P850IREaton 5P 850iR Capacity 800VA/600W Rack 1URp. 5.251.000
5P1150IEaton 5P 1150i Capacity 1150VA/770WRp. 5.870.000
5P1150IREaton 5P 1150iR Capacity 1150VA/770W Rack 1URp. 6.515.000
5P1550IEaton 5P 1550i Capacity 1550VA/1100WRp. 6.796.000
5P1550IREaton 5P 1550iR Capacity 1550VA/1100W Rack 1URp. 7.971.000
EX Rack/ Tower Convertible Models
68181EX 1000 Tower Capacity 1000VA/800WRp. 7.856.000
68182EX 1000 R/T, 2U, With rack Mounting Kit Capacity 1000VA/800WRp. 8.809.000
68183EX 1500 Tower Capacity 1500VA/1350WRp. 8.845.000
68184EX 1500 R/T, 2U, With Rack Mounting Kit Capacity 1500VA/1350WRp. 10.106.000
68401EX 2200 R/T, 2U, With Rack Mounting Kit Capacity 2200VA/1980WRp. 14.942.000
68403EX 3000 R/T, 2U, With Rack Mounting Kit Capacity 3000VA/2700WRp. 19.360.000
EX External Battery Modules Options
68185EX EBX 1000/15000 TowerRp. 5.577.000
68168Rp. 6.466.000
68405Rp. 8.987.000
Accessories For 5PX, EX, 9E
68433HotSwap MBP 6 IECRp. 5.232.000
Network-MSNetwork Card-MSRp. 4.681.000
Relay-MSRelay Card-MSRp. 3.170.000
Modbus-MSNetwork And Modbus Card-MSRp. 4.688.000
66033IBM AS/400 CableRp. 1.1420.000
116750224-001Temperature/Humidity Monotoring ProbeRp. 1.489.000
66028STS 16Rp. 10.843.000
E Series DX Tower UPS with Internal Batteries
EDX1000HEaton DX 1000VA,220V Capacity 1000VA/700WRp. 5.239.000
EDX2000HEaton DX 2000VA,220V Capacity 2000VA/1400WRp. 9.734.000
EDX3000HEaton DX 3000VA,220V Capacity 3000VA/2100WRp. 10.982.000
E Series DX Tower UPS with No Internal Batteries
EDX1000HXLEaton DX 1000VA, 220V, W/o Battery Capacity 1000VA/7000WRp. 4.504.000
EDX2000HXLEaton DX 2000VA, 220V, W/o Battery Capacity 2000VA/1400WRp. 7.579.000
EDX3000HXLEaton DX 3000VA, 220V, W/o Battery Capacity 3000VA/2100WRp. 8.526.000
Accessories Options ( EDX )
730-50024-02PAS400 Card For DX 1-20KVARp. 370.000
730-80015-02PUSB Card For DX 1 - 20 KVARp. 405.000
619-0001-03SNMP Card For DX 1 -20 KVARp. 4.228.000
730-50018-00CMC Modbus Card For DX 1- 20KVARp. 732.000
9E UPS with Internal Batteries
9E6KIEaton 9E 6Ki Capacity 6000VA/4800W HardwiredRp. 26.452.000
9E10KIEaton 9E 10Ki Capacity 10000VA/8000W HardwiredRp. 38.536.000
9E15KIEaton 9E 15Ki Capacity 15000VA/1200W HardwiredRp. 53.760.000
9E20KIEaton 9E 20 Ki Capacity 20000VA/1600W HardwiredRp. 61.919.000
9E Tower UPS with No Internal Batteries
9E10KIXLEaton 9E 10Ki XL Capacity 10000VA/8000W No Battery Rp. 29.275.000
9E20KIXLEaton 9E 20Ki XL Capacity 2000VA/16000W No Battery Rp. 52.675.000
9E Tower External Battery Modules Optiones
9EEBM180Eaton 9E EBM 180VRp. 13.412.000
9EEBM240Eaton 9E EBM 240VRp. 16.306.000
9EEBM480Eaton 9E EBM 480VRp. 32.615.000
9PX 1:1
9PX5KIRT9PX 5KVA R/T, 3U, With rack Mounting Kit Capacity 5000VA/4500WRp. 28.650.000
9PX6KIRT9PX 6KVA R/T, 3U, With rack Mounting Kit Capacity 6000VA/5400W31.811.000
9PX8KIRT9PX 8KVA R/T, 3U, With rack Mounting Kit Capacity 8000VA/7200WRp. 38.799.000
9PX11KIRT9PX 11KVA R/T, 6U, With rack Mounting Kit Capacity 11000VA/10000WRp. 47.836.000
9PX 3:1
9PX6KIRT319PX 6KVA R/T, 3U Rack Mounting Kit Capacity 6000VA/5400WRp. 45.248.000
9PX8KIRT319PX 8KVA R/T, 6U Rack Mounting Kit Capacity 8000VA/7200WRp. 52.665.000
9PX11KIRT319PX 11KVA R/T, 6U With Rack Mounting Kit Capacity 11000VA/10000WRp. 63.117.000
9PX External Battery Module Options
9PXEBM180RT9PX EBM 180V For 5/6 KVA with Rack Mounting KitRp. 13.411.000
9PXEBM240RT9PX EBM 240V For 9PX 1:1 8/11 KVA and 9PX 3:1 6/8/11 KVARp. 14.236.000
Accessories Options ( 9PX )
MBP6KIMaintenance Bypass panel for 5KVA and 6KVA UPSRp. 4.861.500
MBP11KIMaintenance Bypass panel for 8KVA and 11KVA UPS For 9PX 1:1Rp. 8.518.000
MBP11KI31Maintenance Bypass panel for 6KVA, 8KVA and 11KVA UPS for 9PX 3:1Rp. 11.982.000
EBMCBL180Eaton 1.8mm EBM cable 180VRp. 1.765.000
EBMCBL240Eaton 1,8m cable 240V EBMRp. 2.120.000
9RKEaton Rail Kit for 9PX UPS and EBMRp. 1.350.000
BINTSYSEaton Battery Integration SystemRp. 10.330.000
TRMR11KIIsolation Transformer For 9PX UPS 5KVA/ 6KVA/ 8KVA/ 11KVARp. 27.277.000
SC240RTEaton Supercharger 240VDCRp. 12.604.000
9PXMEZ6KIEaton 9PX ModularEasy 6000iRp. 13.189.000
9PXMEZ11KIEaton 9PX ModularEasy 1100iRp. 27.315.000
9PX8KIPM9PX-8KVA-1:1-Power-ModuleRp. 27.277.000
9PX11KIPM9PX-11KVA-1:1-Power-ModuleRp. 36.960.000
9PX6KIPM31Eaton 9PX 6KVA 3:1 Power ModuleRp. 28.326.000
9PX8KIPM31Eaton 9PX 8KVA 3:1 Power ModuleRp. 35.744.000
9PX11KIPM31Eaton 9PX 11KVA 3:1 Power ModuleRp. 46.197.000