Specification Modular jacks shall be unkeyed, 4-pair, RJ-45, with an integrated shield and shall fit in a .790″ X .582″ opening. Modular jacks shall terminate using the AMP NETCONNECT SL Series modular jack termination tool part number 1725150-3 (or 1725150-1 after removing the tool’s lacing fixture), and be color-coded for both T568A and T568B wiring. Each jack shall contain integrated cutting blades to automatically trim conductors during termination. Each modular jack shall be wired to [T568A or T568B] and shall accommodate cable with a maximum O.D. of 9.00 mm. Cables shall enter the jack at 180°. The insulation displacement contacts shall be capable of terminating 24-22 AWG solid or 26-24 AWG stranded conductors with a maximum insulation diameter of 1.60 mm. The insulation displacement contacts shall be paired, with additional space between pairs to improve crosstalk performance. Modular jacks shall utilize a secondary PC board, separate from the signal path, for crosstalk compensation. Each modular jack shall meet the TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10, Category 6A performance standards and the requirements listed in the following table.