NITGEN NAC-5000C Built in Camera

AC-5000 is a cutting edge fingerprint access controller, which comes with NITGEN’ S superior own algorithm, large LCD& touch screen. It is very convenient and innovative design, it’ s a market leader in access control with high value. NITGEN’ S fingerprint algorithm enables to high speed authentication, NAC-5000 is designed for large scale of security system using TCP/ IP & wireless LAN.


5.7 ” true color LCD with touch
Large LCD enable for video file and animation, also for important notice

Built-in Camera
Takes pictures every time log event occurs

High speed 1: N authentication
Less than 2 seconds for 10, 000 templates, maximum 100, 000 templates can be stored

Auto-on & LFD
Placing a finger on scanner begins authenticate process and verifies fake fingers

Large Scale System
Max 2, 000 terminals can be connected in one network

Wireless LAN ( Optional)
Easy to install in anywhere

USB memory slot
Log data downloadable using USB

User Friendly Interface
Fingerprint quality shows as authenticate process starts