Maintenance Bypass panel for 5KVA and 6KVA UPS

The Eaton HotSwap MBP module makes it possible to service or even replace the UPS without affecting the connected loads (HotSwap function).

You can safely eliminate the effect of UPS maintenance and guard the integrity of your equipment. Providing outstanding reliability, the Eaton HotSwap MBP unique benefits include/l Easy and fast connection to UPS due to Input/Output and signal “all in one” patented connector (Hotswap MBP 5/6kVA range) “Make before break” feature to allow full servicing (electrical power continuity) when switching from UPS position to ByPass (and vice versa)
Communication feature with UPS: detection of MBP connection and switch position (Normal or ByPass)
Load connection by both terminal blocks and IEC outlets (10A C13 and/or 16A C19 following MBP versions)
Adjustable 19″ Rack kit and multiple positions Tower installation kit provided
Backed by worlwide agency approvals
2 x C19, 3 x C13 outlets
Rotary maintenance bypass switch
No load interruption for UPS replacement or maintenance