PANDUIT SC Opticam OS1 9/125um singlemode FO Connector

SC OPTICAM ® Fiber Optic Connectors – Pre-Polished
Cam Termination
• TIA/EIA-604 FOCIS-3 compliant connectors
• Exceed TIA/EIA-568-B.3 requirements
• Insertion loss: .3dB average (multimode and singlemode)
• Return loss: >20dB (multimode),
>26dB (10GIG™multimode), 55dB avg. (singlemode)
• Quick installation; provide field termination in less than
half the time of field polish connectors
• Patent pending re-termination capability provides yield
rates approaching 100%
• Factory pre-polished fiber endface eliminates
time-consuming field polishing to reduce installation
costs, labor, scrap and the number of tools required
• Cam activated fiber and buffer clamp mechanisms provide
superior fiber and buffer retention – less sensitivity to fiber
tensile loading
• No separate clamps, tools or steps are required to secure
both the fiber and the buffer
• OPTICAM ® Termination Tool (OCTT) simplifies tooling and
termination, and virtually eliminates operator error by
providing visual indication of proper termination after the
cam step has been completed
• Cable retention boot assemblies consistently provide higher
than industry standard cable retention
• Non-optical disconnect maintains data transmission under
tensile loads for jacketed cable
• Fiber cable size: 900μm tight-buffered fiber with included
boot(s); 1.6mm – 2.0mm and 3.0mm jacketed cable with
available OPTICAM ® 1.6mm/2.0mm and 3.0mm Cable
Retention Boot Assemblies – 10 per package