LC duplex beige





Technical Information :

  • 98E-01; LC/PC, MM duplex adapter, Beige

Feature & Benefit

  • Complying with international standards
  • Low connection loss
  • Singlemode or multimode
  • Metal or plastic housing
  • Bronze or ceramic alignment sleeves
  • Simplex or duplex
  • Flange-less or w/ flange
  • Hybrid type available

The fiber optic adapters are used to link fiber optic connectors terminated on a fiber optic cable and are usually fixed in 19″ patch panels and wall outlets. HDCS ® adapters provide a reliable, low insertion loss interconnection because the fiber is precisely aligned by a ceramic sleeve. The metal body STand SC-couplers guarantee long-term stability and recyclable mating. The small form factor LC and MT-RJ-coupler enable cabling density to increase by 100% through interconnecting two fibers provided by the referring MT-RJ and LC-duplex connector.

HDCS ® offers all industry- standard fiber optic adapters, which meet the requirements of diverse application scenario of cabling system.