Rosenberger Patch Panel Cat6





Technical Information :

  • CAT6 UTP Modular Patch Panel, 24-port (without keystones)

Rosenberger CAT6 modular patch panels are designed for unshielded and shielded cabling system with excellent performance and easy installation. They are compatible with all HDCS® modules, meanwhile have extremely high flexibility, adaptability and maximally integrated design. It is available in 24 ports.
 10baseT Ethernet
 100baseTX Fast Ethernet
 1000baseTX Gigabit Ethernet
 155Mbit ATM
 622Mbit ATM
 TR-16 Active
 TR-16 Passive

Exceed the specification of ANSI/TIA-568C.2 category 6 requirements.
– Outstanding performance,(including IR, NEXT, FEXT and RL), which ensure the high link

– Delivered with plastic cable management bar,installation screws and labelling system
– Providing unshielded and shielded version for Class E solution.