1HU Metal Cable Management Panel, Black





Technical Information :

  • Metal cable management panel, 1HU, black
  • Cable management panel helps to guide the cable with proper bending
  • 1U or 2U is applied to work with different patch panel
  • Deepened version is used for network equipment with protruded front panel
  • HDCS ® Cable management panel with cover helps to protect cable and makes the user interface clean and nice
  • HDCS ® cable management panel Integrated with cable support bar
  • Slots in top and bottom side are used for upwards and downwards cabling, especially suitable to 110-type patch cord management

Rosenberger HDCS ® cable management panel is a standard 19″ rack mount, applied to manage patch cords coming from distribution frame and network equipments. Products are classified according to material – plastic and metal style, height – 1U and 2U, depthnormal and deepened.