Prolink PPS70






Technical Information :

  • 70W DC Portable Solar UPS + Panel 24W
  • Off mode chargingOverload and short circuit protection
  • USB port for charging mobile phones / devices
  • Allows for easy solar panel connection
  • DC power outlet for Energy saving light bulb

The PROLiNK PPS70 Portable Solar (PPS) unit is a compact and user-friendly lighting solar power supply unit that is suitable for use in home / outdoor settings. This portable-sized unit may appear small but it comes with an amazing 230VDC output that can be used for powering up energy saving light bulbs or LED bulbs of up to 11W. In addition, there is also a 5VDC USB port for charging your mobile devices and a 12VDC round pin connector for equipment such as DC fans. The unit is designed with the flexibility to be powered by regular AC supply, solar PC modules or via the supplied battery.

The PROLiNK Portable Solar unit gives you the privilege and freedom to double up your backup duration by adding another block of 7AH battery on top of the existing supplied battery. The PPS is the perfect device for use in rural locations where the power supply is often inconsistent and unstable.