Technical Information :

  • Auto Voltage Regulator 1000VA with LCD display
  • Microprocessor controller guarantees high reliability
  • Time delay function eliminates transients that can affect connected
  • Selectable input voltage range
  • Provides surge and spike suppression
  • Auto Voltage Regulator
    – Automatically maintain a constant voltage level.
    – To protect your equipment from UnderVoltage and Overvoltage.
  • Surge Protection
    – Provide protection for the connected equipment from incoming spikes, surges etc.
    – Extra assurance while keeping your equipment safe from disruptive power surges.
  • Time Delay Switch
    – Prevents devices with AC motor from damages caused by consecutive starts.

The PROLiNK Auto Voltage Regulator (PVR) unit is designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level to protect sensitiveelectronics from brownouts, under voltages and over voltages. The PROLiNK PVR takes efficiency to a new level with its microprocessor controller tailored to allow extremely fast response for detecting and regulating voltage. Equipped with a time-delay function, the PVR is able to protect connected devices from power-back surges. This high performance AVR comes with the versatility to fit all kinds of equipment with its wide input voltage range selection. The PROLiNK PVR provides you with the optimum solution for your everyday needs.